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Replacement filters H13 for AIRVERSA Air Purifier Purelle

Replacement filters H13 for AIRVERSA Air Purifier Purelle

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The pack includes 2 replacement filters, each consisting of 3 parts: pre-filter, HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. Using triple-filter protection it clears up 99,75% of airborne particles and allergens.

The duration of use of one set of filters depends on the dustiness of the environment and the frequency of use, the average lifetime of filters is 3000 hours.

One set of two filters is directly included in the original package of the purifier.

Key Features

3-Stage Hepa H13 Air Filtration

Active Carbon Filter
Hepa Filter


Model: H13 Filter
Length:156 mm
Height:60 mm

Compatible With

Airversa Purelle, Air Purifier, AP2

What's included

  • Composite Filter x 2


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