At GravaStar, the products aren't just gadgets; they're canvases crafted by artists wielding brushes, not machines.


GravaStar is incredibly different from any other brand and is inspiring customers to incorporate a mecha sci-fi look into their daily lives. GravaStar products take inspiration from classics such as Transformers, Gundam, and Star Wars. 

Discover art in technology, embrace the difference of handcrafted beauty - this is the GravaStar way.


When you hold a GravaStar product, it's not just tech you're holding - it's art. Skilled craftsmen meticulously paint every surface, ensuring no two products are exactly alike. From bold strokes defining futuristic design to intricate details breathing life into characters, each piece carries the unmistakable mark of human craftsmanship.

Mercury M1 Pro

Step into the gaming arena with the M1 Pro's battle-worn magnesium alloy body. This mouse is not just a device; it's a statement. The hollowed-out design doesn't just capture eyes; it ensures your hand stays cool and responsive under pressure, marrying relentless durability with lightweight agility.

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Charge your devices with the stylish Alpha65, a mecha robot-inspired charger that doubles as a statement piece. Its shape-shifting feature and ice-blue front lights bring a futuristic touch to your workspace, delivering a unique, fast, and efficient charging experience. Loved by our users for its 'cool' design, Alpha65 is not just a charger, it's your desk's new 'little buddy.

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Mars Pro

Mars Pro is a born warrior with the strongest bass and the most powerful force, even though he has gone through various wars and battles. (war-damaged version). He takes on the most difficult of tasks and will fight for his goals till his last breath.

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Elevate your space with the Supernova Speaker's unique and special handmade craftsmanship. Its meticulous attention to detail, combined with artistic design elements, adds a touch of elegance to your surroundings. Built to Last with the zinc alloy.

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