Mercury Gaming Mice

Meticulously crafted for the discerning gamer, the ergonomic design cradles your hand, transforming every move into natural, precise actions.

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Smart Humidifier

The first and only smart humidifier for Apple Home using THREAD technology.

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    They take light (a basic tool needed by people everywhere) and make it life-changing.
    It's not a gadget, or a toy, or a gizmo – it's a smarter way of life... ex.Β It's pronounced LIFE-ex.

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  • Airversa was founded by an experienced team of engineers and enthusiasts who believe in the future of smart technology and its ability to revolutionise the way people benefit from connected appliances and devices.

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  • HOLOMARQ specialises in creating home and personal security products that provide smart access management solutions and ultimate security.

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