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LIFX Neon Flex 2M

LIFX Neon Flex 2M

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Epic Colour & Real Whites
Neon Flex contains the premium RGBW LEDs LIFX is famous for. This makes it look like a genuine old school neon light, with glowing colour and stunning whites.

More Effects
Neon Flex will work with all current effects plus two brand new effects Paparazzi and Meteor. It will also work Razer Chroma and sync with your PC Gaming.

More Zones
More zones means more colour mixing. The LIFX Lightstrip pioneered multizone colour with 8 zones per meter. Neon Flex takes with up a level with 12 zones per meter

Key Features

Multizone colour with 12 zones per meter

Works with Google, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit

Designed in Melbourne - No bridge, no hub required.

2m in length


Brightness: 800 Lumens
Wattage Use: 30.0W at full brightness
Wattage Eq: 60W Incandescent
Wattage on Standby: Less than 0.5W
Voltage Range: AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz
Colour Temperature: 1500K to 9000K
Dimming: Software dimming 1% -100%
Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz
Security: WPA, WPA2
Dims: 2000 mm x 10 mm x 17 mm

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Welcome to the future.

Jump forward to 2033 in an instant. Designed to take linear light to any space you can dream up, the LIFX Neon Flex is a best-in-class, out of this world bendable light rope with a matte silicone, soft touch finish that will turn any edge or object into lighting. Designed to make the very most of our FX engine and Polychrome SuperColour, this is a flex in every sense of the word.

Outline, highlight or transform your space

Outline ceilings, floors, stairs. Drape it, curl it or shape your own designs to suit your style. Not only can it illuminate your interior spaces with ultra-bright icy whites, but it’ll shift to cozy warm ambience in the evenings, fill with colour as you fingerpaint it, or dance with vibrant, dynamic themes that transform your home into an unreal cinematic masterpiece.

Turn the PolyChrome up to 11.

The LIFX Neon Flex was designed with LIFX Polychrome at it’s core, so you can create mesmerising textured light and effects made up of many tones with one light and up to 24 addressable colour zones (that's ultra-high density for even better FX rendering!) More zones mean more blending for unique looks and casting reflections that feel like, well, magic.

Rooms that change like a chameleon.

Want to be hands-free and fancy free? The Neon Flex plays nicely with all the major platforms, including Hey Google, Apple HomeKit, Alexa, and SmartThings. Just use your voice to command the perfect lighting setup, schedule to suit your lifestyle, or hit quick presets to elevate your space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Google, Alexa, Siri, HAL?

Your home is about to be the centre of attention - with the LIFX app and a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection, you can effortlessly flip between over a hundred themes to shift the mood, make occasions pop, or blaze your team colours. Whether it’s a romantic night in, the day of the big game or a party your friends will never forget, your lighting will always be epic.

  • Hey Google

    Ask Google to control smart devices in your home. No matter where you are, get things done – whenever you want.

    "Hey Google, dim the living room lights and turn on Netflix."

  • Amazon Alexa

    LIFX works with Amazon Alexa products to control your lights with your voice. No need to unlock your phone and open the app.

    "Alexa... Set the living room to warm white.”

  • Apple Homekit

    Turn your iPhone into a universal remote for your smart home with Apple HomeKit.

    Say "Siri, I'm home," and have HomeKit unlock your door and set your LIFX lighting to your favourite scene.

  • LIFX smart bulbs deliver excellent smart lighting

    "They're really very good as smart bulbs, nailing the colour aspect perfectly, responding well to commands, and tying in neatly to your choice of smart assistant. The app offers one-touch control of your connected lights, and some very detailed control deeper down, and everything's easy to set up and get running."

  • Best color-changing smart bulb

    "Like I said, I think Lifx lights belong right at the top of your list if you're looking to add a smart pop of color to your home's lighting systems. The brand sells a variety of bulbs and smart lights that all put out bright, great-looking colors, all of which can connect with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant with absolutely no need for a hub."

  • LIFX smart bulbs deliver excellent smart lighting

    LIFX offers a plethora of smart light options; from color and white bulbs, that come both in full size and the more compact LIFX Mini design, as well as lightstrips, LIFX Beam - the brands own take on smart light wall art and LIFX Clean - a smart light that can also kill bacteria."

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