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Beam Me Up, Captain

Beam Me Up, Captain

LIFX Beam Kit + GravaStar Mars Pro Captain (Limited Edition) & Alpha65 Bundle

Immerse yourself in a captivating soundscape with the Captain's powerful audio, while the LIFX Beam's dynamic lighting effects dance across your walls, creating a truly immersive atmosphere. Customize both sound and light for ultimate control. The Captain offers superior sound control, and the LIFX Beam allows for personalized lighting zones and colour choices, letting you craft the perfect gaming environment.

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  • GravaStar Mars Pro Captain (Limited Edition) & Alpha65 Bundle

    Lead the charge with the Captain and Alpha65 duo. The Captain's powerful audio ensures you hear every footstep and explosion, delivering a crystal-clear soundscape that pulls you into the heart of the action. The included Alpha65 fast charger keeps your gear powered up for extended campaigns, letting you dominate the battlefield without interruption.

  • LIFX Beam Kit

    Transform your space into a dynamic and captivating environment with the LIFX Beam. The innovative light bars project dynamic lighting effects that dance across your walls in sync with your audio, creating a truly immersive experience. Personalize both sound and light to craft the perfect gaming environment, letting you lose yourself in the world of your favorite games.

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