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LIFX Colour A60

LIFX Colour A60

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The LIFX Colour A60 is the brightest LIFX product, packing a serious 1200 lumen punch. This light features billions of colours as well as a huge cool-to-warm range of whites. And for anyone who loves an upgrade, take advantage of endless integration options.

Key Features

1200 lumens: Ultra bright! But also dimmable via voice (HomeKit & Siri, Alexa, Google) or LIFX app.

  • Full colour and whites: RGBW LEDs for 550 billion colours including huge 1500-9000K white range.
  • Wi-Fi: No bridge or hub required. (Use 2.4GHz).
  • Efficient: LEDs last ~22.8 years. Save the earth, and your wallet.


Brightness: 1200
Colour rendering index
 (CRI): 80
Wattage Use:
 11.5W at full brightness
Wattage Eq: 
80W Incandescent
Wattage on Standby:
 Less than 0.4W
Voltage Range:
 AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz
Colour Temperature:
 1500K to 9000K
Beam Angle:
 Software dimming 1% -100%
63 mm x 63 mm x 116 mm

Compatible With

Hey Google

Ask Google to control smart devices in your home. No matter
where you are, get things done – whenever you want.

"Hey Google, dim the living room lights and turn on Netflix."

Amazon Alexa

LIFX works with Amazon Alexa products to control your lights
with your voice. No need to unlock your phone and open the app.

"Alexa... Set the living room to warm white.”

Apple HomeKit

Turn your iPhone into a universal remote for your smart home
with Apple HomeKit.

Say "Siri, I'm home," and have HomeKit unlock your door and set your
LIFX lighting to your favourite scene.

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